Create a memorable, premium gift pack that will add a new dimension to "Give that man a Bell's" slogan with a production budget of only R35 (ZAR) per unit.
The Bell’s brand is known for making the complicated emotional acknowledgements that many men struggle with (especially around the festive season), simple and manly-whether you are aspiring to those attributes in yourself, or want to pay your respects when you see them in someone else. On shelf; over the peak gifting period this works in the brand's favour to distinguish itself with a limited budget against the clutter of competitors.
We created a trilogy of premium tins, each with a unique and meaningful message, that connects emotionally with the Bell's consumer and provides the shopper a simple way of acknowledging the value of a man. When merchandised side-by-side, shoppers can easily select the greeting they most associate with the recipient, making the gift more personal without making the shopping experience complex. The messages focus on rewarding good character and wholesome values while keeping in line with the company’s manifesto and online touch points. With these packs, we don’t simply tell the customer to “Give that man a Bell’s”, but suggest admirable reasons for doing so. Long after the bottle has been finished the recipient is left with a keepsake that 
To ensure the tactile experience affirms the emotional connection and recognition in a manly way, we used soft but strong materials like PU leather and tin, finished with debossing and foiling in order to emphasise the value and consideration involved in the gift.
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