Connecting users with fitness professionals outside of the traditional gym environment.
01 Roles & Responsibilities
I played the role of Product Owner, Lead UX and UI Designers throughout the project cycle from planning and requirements gathering to strategy, wireframing, and content management. 
I closely collaborated with front and backend development teams to brainstorm and refine ideas. We were tasked to facilitate and execute the following project deliverables:
Managing stakeholders
UX Research
Creating User Personas
Refining the MVP
Writing User Stories
Creating User Flows
UI Design 
02 Research

A Competitor Analysis was done in order to plot current offerings against the "Find My Fit" MVP. We also applied quantitive research methods like surveys in order to test our hypothesis. Thereafter User Personas were created to help us understand our users throughout the product's lifecycle.
*Example of one of five identified user personas
03 MVP & User stories
Having worked closely with Product Owners during my time as UX lead, I was tasked to guide the client towards an MVP and then write the users' stories and acceptance criteria for the product. I worked closely with the client to manage expectations and focused on developing an MVP based on insights gained from market research, a competitor analysis, surveys and interviews.
*User stories & Acceptance criteria examples
04 User Flows

After all user stories were signed off by client, user flows were created to describe the steps that users take to access a function or perform a task in the app.​​​​​​​ Here the focus was also on interaction design.
05 Low fidelity Wireframes
The next step was creating low fidelity wireframes where the content and functionality was arranged whilst taking user needs and journeys into account. Here rapid prototyping was used to explore different feature solutions.
06 UI Design
After the prototypes were signed off, a UI kit was designed for the developers to implement. The colour palette is modern, striking and bright in order for our users to easily navigate the app whilst outdoors (on of the key use case scenarios).
07 What we learned during this project
The biggest obstacle was keeping the client focused and agreeing upon an MVP that wasn't overloaded with features and functionality. 
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