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The SmartUV is a UV camera that connects to your smartphone and captures the world in UV. The UV image is displayed on your phone screen via the App. This CES innovation award winning and groundbreaking device helps you track sun damage (invisible to the naked eye) and helps you check UVA and UVB protection, product claims one would find in products such as moisturisers and sunscreen. 

The Nurugo Smart UV allows you to see a whole new world in UV to help you make the best decisions for your skin. See smart. Be smart.

In order boost their crowd funding efforts for the project, we were tasked to create brand collateral for the SmartUV, ranging from key visual creation, video and social media content, to emailers and their Kickstarter campaign.​​​​​​​
What does the SmartUV do?

The SmartUV easily assembles to your Smartphone and prompts the user to download the app in order to start "seeing smart". It lets you see into the UV light spectrum – which is completely invisible to the naked eye. By seeing into the UV spectrum, you are able to discover a whole new, previously unexplored world. 

The SmartUV has many uses that let you test product claims with accuracy and allow you to see yourself and your skin in a whole new light.

We created digital elements explaining the product and it's pre-emptive benefits to potential crowdfunding backers.
Using the prototype, we managed to film the power of the Nurugo SmartUV and share it with the world. We used a range of models of all ages to show that the SmartUV is for the whole family.
Sunblock looks black in UV light, showing up uncovered spots when applying it, and when it fades or wears off during the day! Most products wear off in just 2 hours, even without the effects of water or rubbing off on towels which speeds up the process. 
Seeing your skin with the SmartUV makes sun safety real and practical. The SmartUV assists in uncovering developing sunspots, monitoring skin damage due to ageing, and even getting advance warning of skin health risks that cause melanoma, so you can take proactive measures to make the best decisions for your skin.
The final design was revealed at CES 2017 and received a CES innovation award.
Creative Direction, Art Direction and Visual Identity 

Range of work: 
Branding, Kickstarter Campaign, Social Media, Online, Video and PR
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