We were tasked to create a packaging solution for Smirnoff Double Black that differentiates the product on shelf, and shows off the 2 glass value add within a R45 (ZAR) per unit packaging product budget.

We were however faced with a challenge as the local brand strategy was still being developed and this pack was scheduled to form a core part of it's first introduction of the Double Black Brand as a silver bullet that would elevate the overall Smirnoff Vodka perception amongst a range of high-end competitors.

The limited production budget, together with the material cost for a twin facing pack, led us to explore alternate mechanics possible with a board substrate. And made us come up with what we call...

The Double Black, double pack

The double pack doubles up

A dual-configuration pack was designed to echo the ‘Double Freeze Filtered’ process. This provided for multiple merchandising variations on shelf to increase visual interest. It also invited customers to pick up and engage with the pack for a tactile experience. By optimising the production budget using the freeze-inspired visual with a cardboard substrate and simple finishes, we could bring to life the ‘Twice as Bold’ pay-off line with the lasting value add of two distinctive Smirnoff Double Black Vodka glasses.

This cool mechanic allowed us to merchandise the product in 4 different ways on shelf

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